Washington D.C. Day Trip From NYC

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Duration: 15 hours
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New York is a big and important city, but you can't leave the United States without also visiting Washington DC. With this day trip you will be able to tour the capital of the country with a professional guide. This guide will also accompany you on the bus ride from New York included in the tour.

  • Guided tour of the US capital, Washington DC
  • Round-trip bus ride from New York City is included.
  • Learn all about iconic landmarks such as the Capitol and the White House from an expert local guide.

What’s included

  • Washington DC City Tour
  • Professional guide
  • Round-trip bus travel from New York City
  • Lunch

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Step by Step

The whole tour lasts about 15 hours including the bus ride included in this tour. Thanks to the tour guide who will accompany you throughout the tour, you will get to know all the historical and political monuments of Washington DC, the capital of the United States.

You will get to know the heart of the US government. In particular, you'll visit the world-famous White House, where the President resides. The Capitol and the Senate, where political representatives have been meeting for more than two centuries.

However, not all the monuments are political, but you will also visit poignant locations. These include the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, where John F. Kennedy's grave is located, and the imposing Lincoln Memorial. The latter is dedicated to the most remembered president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

You can also take advantage of this excursion to visit the National Air and Space Museum in your free time. This museum is notable for its collection of the equipment used in the Apollo 11 mission. You will be able to see the astronaut suits used by the first men to set foot on the moon, as well as the command ship they used. A perfect museum for those who dream of the sky and space as it also displays American aircraft throughout history. You'll need to pre-book on your own if you want to visit the museum during your tour.


· 17019 Reviews
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    Totally recommended whether you are interested in the history of the city or you are a fan of excursions, this was one of the best in my opinion, the team was friendly and great with everyone!
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    The whole team is very friendly. Although the tour lasts 15 hours, there is not much time to see everything.
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    An incomparable excursion
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    Very good tour but the pace at which you see everything is very fast, there is not much time at each site to enjoy it calmly.
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